Nobody Better in St. Louis

There’s nobody better in the St. Louis area than Erica. Period. Her assessment skills on what need to be done, how best to proceed, and what to look for are second to none. We used her to find our starter home and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. No offense to where you live, but we have the best house in the city. She plays chess with real estate and always kept us one move ahead of other couples bidding on the house. She’s as available as a person that’s not an on-call doctor can be. If you need something done in person, she’s already out the door and in the car to meet you. It results in unmatched customer service. She still treats us to client appreciation events and never stops sending gifts and cards for things. You’re definitely part of the family with her group. Erica’s breadth of knowledge and manner of dealing with everything from the mortgage process up through inspections put us at ease. She’ll walk newbies like us through every step without getting frustrated when we still don’t understand the industry jargon. We continue to rely on her for countless little resale value questions as we take on home improvement projects.

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